An Abundance of Audacity

It took them a long time to figure it out--long in human terms, anyway; generations--and longer still to put that revelation to use, but even so, the humans did it first. From orbital stations around the brown dwarfs of Epsilon Indi and the white dwarfs of Sirius and Procyon, from Rigel and Regulus and sentimental… Continue reading An Abundance of Audacity

Existential Risk Management

What is an acceptable level of risk when tempting existential threats; the very future of humanity, or the universe itself? How's a fifty-fifty chance of obliteration sound? Seems high. One in a hundred? Astronomically high, no question. How about one in a billion? This is where the average person begins to feel reasonably safe, but… Continue reading Existential Risk Management

The Legacy We Deserve

They skipped from star to star like a stone on the surface of a placid lake. At each bright point they gorged themselves, ripping through the magnetic flux lines like a cellophane wrapper and exposing the sticky, savory flesh within, fattening up for the next jaunt. The next long winter of the vacuum. In some… Continue reading The Legacy We Deserve

Relative Cost

Lacerta IV dropped out of negspace about an hour ago, from my perspective, anyway. Everyone on board was long dead by now, dead for millennia. Relativity was a funny thing. I like to think that there was a critical failure and the whole ship blew to bits in an instant, but the sensor data recordings… Continue reading Relative Cost

Pattern Breakers

The world was made of patterns. Eo lived to break them. It wasn't that he was antagonistic, quite the opposite. He just knew the truth: within the patterns lay the malice. The bigger patterns were called cycles. Paradoxically, the bigger ones were harder to see. The interlocking cycles could form larger patterns still, large enough… Continue reading Pattern Breakers

Lightyears and Lifetimes

Lightyears between us. Lifetimes. People weren't meant to think about such things, or reach across such chasms. I knew you once, like a fragment of a dream. But after so much slumber, dreams have been the primary experiences, speaking purely in terms of time, objectively, or as objectively as possible. But time is relative, and… Continue reading Lightyears and Lifetimes