Allegiance to the Bedlam

Baroness Vilaya emerged from the night like a horrible memory, her cape rising like the cursed wings of a moth in the electric rain. A butterfly mad with bloodlust. Front lit by the Fire Moon as she was, she looked aflame, as if she'd wrapped herself in a cloak of embers. I was drawn to… Continue reading Allegiance to the Bedlam

Darkly Comes the Terminus

He was still out there—the Waiting Man—with his heavy stare; as heavy as a burden; as heavy as the hole where his soul should be, and all the quiet pretty things he's tried to fill it with. He's waiting, as he does so well. Waiting for me. But I won't open the door. Between the… Continue reading Darkly Comes the Terminus

The Crimson Man

The Crimson Man lives in a cave in the birchwood grove where the sun is always setting and the season is always autumn. He has crimson eyes that can see for miles and a crimson cloak that warms him as well as any fire. When hunger pulls at his stomach with its long-boned fingers he… Continue reading The Crimson Man

In Sight of the Spirits

Mukaru reached Spirit Palace late, just as the sky went golden at the hour of sundown. He hopped silently from his uleox—one of the few animals native to this planet, something akin to a camel-elephant hybrid—and let it wander down to a nearby spring to rehydrate while he got his bearings. The spirits would soon… Continue reading In Sight of the Spirits

The Last Nightrunner

From fifty meters away the Halflights watched in silent awe, but Sh'lud didn't care. This wasn't a show for them. It was the harvest. Under a starless sky she crossed the rocky plain, her boots crunching like glass with each step. The field hummed as each stone began to vibrate against its neighbors. The sound… Continue reading The Last Nightrunner

A Letter From Talis Cayman to Avin Debberon

Avin, Should this letter find you, it's probably too late for both of us. I've made a grave mistake in coming to the isles, and I fear they're scheming to swallow me up. Most everyone is dead: Winters fell into a crevasse, and while we tried to reach him, we could find no bottom and… Continue reading A Letter From Talis Cayman to Avin Debberon