Let Me Tell You What I Did

Let me tell you what I did. But first, let me tell you who I did it to: Braxton Teller. That’s Sheriff Teller, or Bloody Braxton, or the Savage Strangler. They’re all one and the same. And I buried him.

I didn’t kill him; that would make me a killer, and killin’ was his sin, not mine. No, he was alive when I buried him, up to his knees in tar and up to his neck in sand. There ain’t no laws in the Book about buryin’ a man. I’ve made some choices that I have to live with, but Heaven has a place for me, that’s a fact.

When he died (he did die, as a matter of course), I buried him the rest of the way. It was wrong, what he did to those native kids, treating them like animals. That’s what makes us separate from animals in the first place; we bury our dead.

Notes: In this exercise, I began writing as soon as the prompt was delivered without any time to think. The prompt was to start with the words Let me tell you what I did.

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