Some Deal

Brin Dimanche was not the type of person you wanted to make angry. In fact, you were better off if she didn’t know you at all. Any orbit around her was a decaying one. You could tell just by looking at her senior advisors; none of them were seniors. Minutes with Brin could take decades off your life. It’s well known.

So I must have been crazy to join her crew.

I’ll admit, I’m not very smart. If I was, I wouldn’t be looking at a bounty on my head—big enough to get me killed, but still small enough to be offensive. The only thing keeping the POI from putting it on the wire was a plea deal we struck. Sign up with Brin Dimanche and gather intel. Me, an informant. Some deal.

At the time, I figured I’d end up dead either way, so I didn’t think I had much to lose. Then I got initiated, and I found out how wrong I was. There were things she was capable of that I hadn’t realized were possible. I’m not worried about being an informant anymore.

I’m worried I might be the only one who can stop her.

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