Alteragra Bioceuticals

Typically a founder and CEO begins an IPO open letter with thank you. But I am not a typical founder and CEO, Alteragra Bioceuticals is not a typical organization, and you are obviously not a typical investor. This is precisely why we have reached this crossroads together. Other companies need to show their gratitude with words, because words are all they have. But I, along with the entire AB team, show our gratitude by rewarding investors and innovating not for the public good, but for the public greatness. Our results do the speaking for us.

Our patented Nurishall agraprinting technology remains after ten years the world’s only nutrient printing device that is certified by APEC, the EMA, and FDA—not to mention the full endorsement from the WHO. By combining a carbon capture module and a waste reclaimation receptacle, and then using them together to feed a 3D printer specializing in edible products, we have both eliminated world hunger and singlehandedly returned our collective carbon output to preindustrial levels with a single product.

And now, for our next trick…

We are proud to announce that concurrently with our IPO, we will introduce our latest and most substaintial product enhancement to date: +Food. As we step into, over, and around the healthcare space, we are launching a new line of unique 3D printed food products that will genetically alter their consumers.

Imagine chocolates that allow you to hold your breath for an hour, apples that change your eye color, and kale that adapts your skin cells to perform photosynthesis. Now, as our services continue to evolve, so too will our users.

And did we mention the flavors are still fully programable?

If you live on this planet, you’ve benefitted from Alteragra Bioceuticals. Now is your chance to return the favor. And for that, let us show you our gratitude.

Faithfully yours,
Dr. Thomas Wade Collier
Founder & CEO, Alteragra Bioceuticals

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