No Time At All

Is this the first time we’ve met? A chance encounter, if I remember correctly. And it must be that you were confused right now, yes? Must be. Well, I will tell you what you told me, just as you told me to, to the best of my understanding. Forgive me, but perhaps I should start at the beginning.

You live an on-rails existence, traveling always northly timeward, never southly. But the north-south axis is but a shadow, as incomplete as electricity without magnetism. Time propagates multidimensionally, a wave that refracts, interferes, and obeys its vectors. And I, as you later described me, am from the outside, from upon the shores those waves shall crash. I hope this is satisfactory, though it is not my purpose. I bring a warning from another coordinate; from below, far to the northwest timeward. I am looking right at it, even now. At you.

Please don’t interrupt. Your limitations breed a terrible impatience. It’s most unbecoming. Now then, the warning.

You are at war, will be and have been, with those you’ve called the Detached, the Coven of the Void, butchers of the celestial slaughterhouse, antihumans, as well as friend and lover at different coordinates. They are those who have escaped your temporal holding cell and seek to make a different past.

No, I do not see those pasts. No, that is no assurance of victory. They would be too vast and multitudinous. You never could fully grasp the most foundational restrictions. Please, no further interruptions.

The Realized, as your enemies called themselves, are tinkerers by nature. And you, well, you’ll take a more naturalist approach, naturally. Tinkering with nature led to conflict, and both sides suffered greatly. I suppose your suffering still lies ahead in all directions. And while they will hold certain advantages over your kind, you shall hold advantages of your own, though they may not be obvious from your perspective. Use them well.

My name? I have no need, but I have been called many things, even by you: the Darkest Emperor, the Coven King, chaos embodied, the Unraveler, the end of all creation, the last Horseman. Even friend and lover, though the order of events is somewhat arbitrary.

I do hope this meeting has served you well.

We will meet again. I’ll go there at once. You’ll see; it will be no time at all.

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