The Day Without a Yesterday

It had been happening for a while. Well, technically it had been happening since the dawn of time—it was the Big Bang that got it started. It was nice that they figured out how it started. Would have been better if they’d figured out how to stop it. Way too late for that now. All that’s forgotten is forgiven, so I suppose it’ll all be forgiven soon enough. ‘Bout this time tomorrow, I’d guess.

Today was the first day without a yesterday.

Time’s a funny thing. Always took it for granted. Everyone did. You move forward at one minute per minute, always into the future, the past an unmoving shadow, a plaster cast of history. Or so we thought.

Turns out the beginning of time is a dynamic point. The beginning started sliding towards the end, and faster than a minute per minute—the past started catching up to the present. Accelerating. At first it was an academic discussion, explained some obscure questions about gravity and dark matter and all those other ideas that didn’t really come into play in most people’s day-to-day. At first. But then the beginning of time caught up to the Earth.

The fossils were older than time itself, and that just can’t be, so they just sort of fizzled out. Can’t explain it any better than that. The scientists use some big fancy words, but fizzled out is still what they mean. That was unnerving, but it was when time caught up to human history that things really fell apart. Recorded history was no longer recorded. Cave paintings evaporated. The pyramids disappeared overnight before the knowing gaze of that damned silent Sphinx who soon joined them in the time before time. Stonehenge. Easter Island. The Rosetta Stone. And it only got worse from there.

When I woke up this morning, yesterday was already gone. All that’s left are memories—those are in our minds, stored as chemicals in the present. But those will soon be gone, too. And the real kicker is that there won’t be anyone left to mourn, and no record left for someone else to find. I wonder how much longer we—

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