WP: Returning in January

Hello all!

I’ve gotten a number of lovely emails from people checking in on me over the last few weeks (too kind!). You may have noticed that my regular posts have stopped. I wanted to let you know that all is well!

Writing was my first baby, but I recently made room for a second baby, which is, incidentally, an actual baby. That is to say, the writing is on pause while I spend time with my newborn! Baby has given no indication of being a replicant or a Cylon, which is good news. Unfortunately, the instruction manual for this human baby seems to be missing, so we’re learning on the fly, as is customary, or so I’m told.

Warmup Pages will return to a regular schedule in January, 2022. Please take care, be safe, and I look forward to picking back up in January!

D. Roe Shocky
November 27, 2021

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