Hopes and Dreams

When the sound of her flatcamel's hooves changed from a shifting of sand to a clopping of stone, Perla allowed herself to grow hopeful. She'd heard many stories about the rocket lands, but this was the first evidence that they'd borne any truth. The fiery breaths of a thousand human-made engines upon the sand had… Continue reading Hopes and Dreams

Night Ride

Nira tore through the desert night on her '72 Appaloosa single-cycle, the silent lightning in the distance painting shadow-Nira's at varying angles across the cinnamon-colored sand. She didn't need the predictive analytics or the visual enhancements from her visor's HUD—she knew this desert road well. It was straight and flat and rarely used, and the… Continue reading Night Ride

The Wall

It was the wind that woke him. He kept his eyes closed and listened to his cape flapping in the air like a banner to a kingdom long forgotten. If he concentrated, he could trick himself into thinking the swirling, breezy, whooshing sounds were waves crashing upon an endless shoreline, the water almost close enough… Continue reading The Wall