Micro Problem

When Micro got really mad his pockmarked pointy-chinned face turned bright red; it made his head look like a strawberry with a wet mop on it. Right now, Micro was really mad. His nasally voice echoed in the concrete substructure beneath the abandoned launchpads, out beyond the city walls. "What. The fuck. Is this?" "It's… Continue reading Micro Problem

A Moon Now Fuller

The ancient texts tell us the moon was a symbol of beauty--with its many phases and their various attributions, its single face, its mythology, its mystical threat of eclipse--and there was great opposition to its dismantling. But to look upon its remains, that glinting ribbon in permanent embrace with Earth, I am overcome by the… Continue reading A Moon Now Fuller


Ten. Nine. Lydia remembered carnival rides that shot her into the air like a slingshot. She white-knuckled the restraints and screamed at the top of her little eight-year-old lungs, but she kept her eyes open, and her smile broadened. Eight. Seven. She remembered the leader numbers on old film strips--actual cellulose, before they were digital--circling… Continue reading Countdowns

Running in Place

Carter hit the treadmill with gusto. It was old and worn--mechanical, not electric--just a rubber strip wrapped around a couple of rollers, no motor. Electricity was a scarce commodity these days, and he wasn't the wasteful type. He wasn't a brainiac either, though, and couldn't figure out how to use the treadmill to generate and… Continue reading Running in Place

A God in Our Own Image

Dr. Rykovanko had finally done it; she'd mastered the process of digitizing human minds. It had taken a lot of trial and error, made all the more unfortunate by the destructive nature of the procedure. But progress is rarely a linear path. The procession of brain boxes in her office laid out the milestones, lest… Continue reading A God in Our Own Image


They were beautiful, inexplicably. Two white towers stood strikingly against the gray night sky, which was itself somehow diminished by the uplighting of city lights and the memories of snow still recent in the wind. Their many pointed angles seemed purposeful and implied the curves of the natural world without sacrificing the immediacy of unbroken… Continue reading Towers


"What's it feel like?" Marvin put his finger to his chin and looked to the ceiling. "You ever laugh so hard you pissed yourself?" he asked. "Yeah..." "Well it ain't nothing like that." He went back to strapping down my arms. "That's kind of messed up, man. You shouldn't ever admit that. Don't tell anyone… Continue reading Architecta


"Put it on the ground and back away." I had that rat SOB by the throat, now. Stupid bastard had no idea what was coming. The rain turned to fog as it fell upon the roof, still sun scorched even at this late hour. The spot lamps on the sky skimmers bathed us in so… Continue reading Cornered