One Wrong Move

Keaton sat hunched over the game board, considering the endless permutations. His clothing clung to his sweat and he shifted uncomfortably. The room itself was very comfortable; the ornate game table sat in the center of a dedicated high-ceilinged room larger than most homes. Intricate gilding covered every surface, from the massive columns to the… Continue reading One Wrong Move

The Civility

Something invisible slammed into Meralda's shoulder. Splinters of bone flew away and the force knocked her to the ground, but by the time she bounced back up she was healed. It was just surface damage. A gray sheen of nanocytes swarmed the area and laid down a thick patch of synthetic exoskeleton over the impact… Continue reading The Civility

A Thief in the Court

The girl was a thief. Many had suspected, which is as good as knowing when spoken with authority. She had stolen many things in public, but always these had been ethereal. She had stolen glances, looks even, stolen hearts on several occasions, and captured imaginations in scores. But here she lay now, bleeding all over… Continue reading A Thief in the Court