City People

The clouds were catching on the pointed tips of the skyscrapers like stray threads on a cotton sweater. A light drizzle spilled from the tears. They weren't supposed to be here, and that's what made it exciting. They were explorers, rediscovering ancient secrets and pocketing old-world treasures. Mikey found a little black rock—a pebble, really—with… Continue reading City People


They were beautiful, inexplicably. Two white towers stood strikingly against the gray night sky, which was itself somehow diminished by the uplighting of city lights and the memories of snow still recent in the wind. Their many pointed angles seemed purposeful and implied the curves of the natural world without sacrificing the immediacy of unbroken… Continue reading Towers

Forward Motion

Roan swept the heavy oar through the river in total silence, standing straight and tall, his stone face tidally locked to the shore. Sanis sat on her haunches behind him, torquing her neck to watch the ancient skyscrapers pass on either side of their approach. She peeked over the side, rocking the rusty rowboat, and… Continue reading Forward Motion