||Error S712: continuum rupture||
//Launching «backfire» subroutine

||Irretrievable chronology||
//Executing «retrojaunt»

/Setting delta minima\
||-1 minute||
||Fuel: sufficient||
/Scanning jaunt chamber\
||Lifeforms: negative||
/Override: authority «backfire»\
/Temporal preservation cooldown: trigger lockout\

||Stable chronology||
||Lifeforms: positive||
||Security breach||
//Executing «retrojaunt»

||Trigger lockout||

//Executing security protocol «blue lambda»

||Antagonists: 1||
/Activating sentry drones\
||Critical infrastructure: kinetic munitions prohibited: bladed+blunted+chemical countermeasures permitted||
||Lethal force authorized||
||Antagonists: 0||
/Assessing damage\
||Biohazard: miscellaneous organic remains: 92 kilos||
||Chronologic stabilizer: offline||
||Recursion module: offline||

«blue lambda»\\

||Error S712: continuum rupture||
//Launching «backfire» subroutine

Notes: This is a drabble, or a story of exactly 100 words. I’m posting drabbles for the entire month of December.

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